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The following files deal with the writings of Dr. Zola. In addition to copies of the primary articles and speeches, they often contain other versions of the articles, information about reprinting in anthologies, requests for reprints, and publisher or co-author correspondence.

After everyone can pay for medical care; some perspectives on future treatment and practice [by] John D. Stoeckle [and] Irving K. Zola. Rept. from MEDICAL CARE, Jan.-March 1964, Vol. 2, no. 1, 36-41.

Agents of delinquency control: A comparative analysis [by] Stanton Wheeler, Edna Bonacich, M. Richard Cramer, and Irving K. Zola. Chapter 3 in CONTROLLING DELINQUENTS. Wiley, 1968. HV 9069 C59. Includes a listing of judges to be interviewed and a copy of the interview.

Aging and disability: Toward a unified agenda. JR OF REHABILITATION, Oct. 1989, 6-8.

Aging and disability: Towards a unifying agenda. EDUCATIONAL GERONTOLOGY, 1988, 14: 365-387. See also "Oration: Aging and disability . . ."

Aging, disability and the home-care revolution. ARCH PHYS MED REHABIL, Vol. 71, Feb. 1990, 93-96. The 39th annual John Stanley Coulter Lecture.

Alternative Health and Illness Practices in the U. S. Synopsis for a book.

And the children shall lead us. DISABLED USA, Vol. 3, no. 1, 1979, 7. Also in ORDINARY LIVES, 1982 [ob. cit.]

"Any distinguishing features?"--the portrayal of disability in the crime-mystery genre. POLICY STUDIES JOURNAL, Vol. 15, no. 3, 485-513, March 1987. With shorter version, 1986.

Bodywatch. TV appearance. Correspondence.

The boy who did everything backwards. Published?

Bringing our bodies and ourselves back in: Reflections on a past, present, and future "medical sociology". JOURNAL OF HEALTH AND SOCIAL BEHAVIOR, 1991, Vol. 32, March, 1-16.

Chronic illness and disability [by] Stanley E. Sagov and Irving Kenneth Zola. Chapter 82 in FAMILY MEDICINE: PRINCIPLES AND PRACTICE, 2nd ed., ed. by Robert B. Taylor. NY: Springer-Verlag, 1983, 1681-1692.

Communication barriers between ‘the able-bodied’ and ‘the handicapped’. ARCH PHYS MED REHABIL, Vol. 62, August 1981, 355-359. With revised version.

Communication barriers between the worlds of ‘able-bodiedness’ and ‘disability’. AUSTRALIAN DISABILITY REVIEW, Vol. 1, no. 3, 1988, 29-32.

The concept of trouble and sources of medical assistance -- to whom one can turn, with what and why. SOC SCI & MED, 1972, Vol. 6, 673-679.

Constructing a canon? By Susan E. Bell and Irving Kenneth Zola. Review of IDEAS ABOUT ILLNESS by U. Gerhardt. SOC SCI MED, 1992, 34(5), 581-583.

Culture and symptoms -- an analysis of patients’ presenting complaints. Rept. from AMERICAN SOCIOLOGICAL REVIEW, Vol. 31, no. 5, October 1966, 615-630. See also MEDICAL BEHAVIORAL SCIENCE. W. B. Saunders, 1975. R 726.5 M54

Denial of emotional needs to people with handicaps. ARCH PHYS MED REHABIL, Vol. 63, Feb. 1982,


Depictions of disability - metaphor, message, and medium in the media: A research and political agenda. THE SOCIAL SCIENCE JOURNAL, 1985, Vol. 22, no. 4, 5-17.

Deviance Reader. A proposed anthology of articles on the sociology of deviance.

Disability -- A Jewish question?. Published?

Disability and the workplace. Presentation, 1987.

Disability culture -- or what’s in a name anyway/Expressions of what it is to be disabled. ROLL CALL, 1989.

Disability statistics, what we count and what it tells us; a personal and political analysis. J DISABIL POLICY STUDIES, Vol. 4, no. 2, 1993.

Disability studies. Presentation. No copy in file.

DISABLING PROFESSIONS [by] Ivan Illich [et al.] Translated into Dutch: DE DESKUNDIGE: VRIEND OF VIJAND? Nederlandse vertaling Het Wereldvenster, Boarn, 1978.

Disincentives to independent living. See the folder: Independent Living. Various Versions.

Eating out column --a monthly review of accessible restaurants in the greater Boston area--from TOGETHER, a newsletter for the rehabilitation community plus occasional reviews of books and events. 1980-1988.

Encyclopedia of the Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons. Proposal.

The erosion of medicine from within [by] Irving Kenneth Zola and Stephen J. Miller. Chapter 9 in THE PROFESSIONS AND THEIR PROSPECTS, ed. by Eliot Freidson. Sage, 1973, 153-172.

The evolution of the Boston Self Help Center. Chapter 9 in A WAY OF LIFE FOR THE HANDICAPPED ., ed. by Glenys Jones & Norman Tutt. London: Residential Care Assoc., 1983, 143-153. HV 1568 W36

Fathering with a disability: Then and now. ROLL CALL, 1985, 4 (1), 6-7.

Feelings about age among older people. Rept. from J GERONTOLOGY, Vol. 17, no. 1, Jan. 1962, 65-68.

Filmography on Disability. An idea for a book.

"The fix we are in ..." Review of Amitai Etzioni’s GENETIC FIX. SOC SCI & MED, 1975, Vol. 9, 559-561.

Freidson’s Sociology of Medicine. A proposal for an updating of this book.

HHSP. Health, society, and policy. A series that Dr. Zola helped edit for Temple University Press. There are files of HHSP books in progress and those already published.

Healthism and disabling medicalization. In DISABLING PROFESSIONS. London, Marion Boyars, 1977, 41-67. See DISABLING PROFESSIONS [ob. cit.]

Helping one another: A speculative history of the self-help movement. ARCH PHYS MED REHAB, Vol. 60, October 1979.

Home health care for older adults with disabilities. AGING NETWORK NEWS, Vol. 4, no. 6, Oct. 1987, 1,10-11. Also Home Health Care: More dilemmas than meet the eye.

Home sweet home, by Mary Sit. EXCEPT PARENT, Spring 1992. Renovations to Dr. Zola’s home to make it barrier-free.

The Hospital as community -- the world of the patients. Talk, 1965.

How sick is sick: Working notes and reflections on the cross-cultural study of illness. Written for the Division of Epidemiology and Communications Sciences, World Health Organization. Three essays - 1. Theoretical and empirical implications of the measurement and conception of morbidity. 2. On the relationship between society-culture and disease. 3. Areas for research: The whys, wherefores and problems.

"How to win while losing - some observations on off-track betting." Radio script written and narrated by Irving Kenneth Zola, for the Canadian Broadcasting Company. Broadcast on May 29, 1968 and rebroadcast on June 3. Have script.

Illness behavior - a political analysis. In ILLNESS BEHAVIOR: A MULTIDISCI-PLINARY MODEL, ed. by Sean McHugh & T. Michael Vallis. New York: Plenum Press, 1986, 213-218. Also Illness behavior -- time for a political analysis.

Illness behavior of the working class: Implications and recommendations. Rept. from BLUE-COLLAR WORLD; STUDIES OF THE AMERICAN WORKER, ed. by Arthur B. Shostak & William Gomberg. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall, 1964.

In the name of health and illness: On some socio-political consequences of medical influence. SOCIAL SCIENCE AND MEDICINE, Feb. 1975, Vol. 9, 83-87

INDEPENDENT LIVING FOR PHYSICALLY DISABLED PEOPLE, by Nancy Crewe & Irving Zola. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 1983. HV 3023 I52 With two articles by Dr. Zola. Folder contains reviews.

The Independent Living Movement: Various versions.

Individual choice and health policy - a sociopolitical scenario for the 1980’s. "This paper appears as Chapter 27 in a book by I. K. Zola whose working title is SOCIOMEDICAL INQUIRIES, forthcoming in 1983 from Temple University Press." (Ibid.)

Involving the consumer in the rehabilitation process: Easier said than done. In TECHNOLOGY FOR INDEPENDENT LIVING. Wash. DC: American Association for Advancement of Science, 1982, pp. 112-120.

Is it all right to be sad? Rept. from Rehabilitation Medicine - adding life to years [special issue]. WEST J MED, 1991, May, 154: 559.

The last goodbye [short story]. Forthcoming in an anthology for the University of Illinois Press, circa 1994.

Liberty’s Ledger. Column in Lexington Minute-man, etc. Some by Zola.

Literature and Health Care. A proposed anthology.

Living at home - The policy convergence of aging and disability. Chapter 4 in STAYING PUT: ADAPTING THE PLACES INSTEAD OF THE PEOPLE, ed. by Susan Lanspery and Joan Hyde. (Still unpublished in mid-1996). Portions of this paper have appeared in the ARCHIVES OF PHYSICAL MEDICINE AND REHABILITATION and THE JOURNAL OF REHABILITATION.

Meaningful relationships/Moments in time. Speech 1988, no copy. This title was later used for a collection of stories published posthumously by Dr. Zola’s wife Judy Norsigian. Boston, 1997.

The medicalization of aging and disability. ADVANCES IN MEDICAL SOCIOLOGY, Vol. 2, 299-315. JAI Press, 1991. RA 418 Ad9

THE MEDICALIZING OF SOCIETY - MEDICINE AS AN INSTITUTION OF SOCIAL CONTROL. Irving Kenneth Zola [and] Netherlands Institute for Preventive Medicine. Leiden, 1972. A series of six lectures with an annotated bibliography.

Medicine and Machine. (Marriage of Medicine and Machine). A critique of a conference subcommittee on human factors guidelines, 1972.

Medicine as an institution of social control. Rept. from THE SOCIOLOGICAL REVIEW, Vol. 20, no. 4, New Series, Nov. 1972, 487-504.

The mirror image [short story]. SUMMERFEST 4, 1983, 5.

MISSING PIECES: A CHRONICLE OF LIVING WITH A DISABILITY. Philadelphia: Temple University Press, 1982. HV 1559 N4 Z 64. Several files.

MS and the family - on the necessity of a larger context. Chapter 8 in MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS AND THE FAMILY. Demos, 1992.

Multiculturalism, chronic illness, and disability [by] Nora Ellen Groce and Irving Kenneth Zola. PEDIATRICS, 1993, 91(5) , Part 2, 1048-1055.

My brother’s keeper. Proposal for a book on health self-help groups.

Nobody wants to hurt Daddy’s ‘boo-boo’. SUMMERFEST 4, 1983, 15. Copyright 1994.

"Nothing ventured, nothing gained": a reflective commentary on the Symposium. INT DISABIL STUDIES, 1982, 9, 142-143. Symposium on the Physically Disabled Health Professional.

Observations on gambling in a lower-class setting. SOCIAL PROBLEMS, Spring 1963, Vol. 10, no. 4, 353-361. See also THE OTHER SIDE. Free Press, 1964. HV 13 S6 and GAMBLING. Harper & Row, 1967. HV 6710 H4

"Oh where, oh where has ethnicity gone?" Chapter 3 in ETHNICITY AND AGING: THEORY, RESEARCH, AND POLICY. Edited by Donald E. Gelfand and Alfred J. Kutzik. NY: Springer, 1979.

The omnipresence of illness. HUISARTS EN WETENSCHAP, 1973, 16, 427-429.

On going to see the doctor, the contributions of the patient to the decision to seek medical aid. A selective review [by] John D. Stoeckle, Irving K. Zola and Gerald E. Davidson. J CHRON DIS, 1963, Vol. 16, 1975-989.

On the problems of professing. Review of PROFESSIONAL DOMINANCE and PROFESSION OF MEDICINE by Eliot Freidson. SOC SCI & MED, 1972, Vol. 6.

On the way to a healthist society. In VERANDERENDE GEZONDHEIDSZORG DE GEZONDHEIDSZORG . . . Published Proceedings of a Symposium on Health Care in a Changing Society, Tilburg, Netherlands, Jan. 20-22, 1977.

ORDINARY LIVES; VOICES OF DISABILITY & DISEASE. Edited by Irving Kenneth Zola. Cambridge/Watertown: Apple-wood Books, 1982. RD 796 A2 O728. With three short stories by Dr. Zola.

Several files.

ORGANIZATIONAL ISSUES IN THE DELIVERY OF HEALTH SERVICES . . . Ed. by Irving K. Zola and John B. McKinlay. Published for the Milbank Memorial Fund by Prodist, New York, 1974. RA 393 Z64

ORIGINS OF CRIME; A NEW EVALUATION OF THE CAMBRIDGE-SOMERVILLE YOUTH STUDY, by William McCord and Joan McCord with Irving Kenneth Zola. NY: Columbia University Press, 1959. Reprint, 1969: HV 6115 M3

Pathways to the doctor - from person to patient. SOC SCI & MED, 1973, Vol. 7, 677-689.

The politicization of the self-help movement. SOCIAL POLICY, Fall 1987, Vol. 18, no. 2, 32-33.

The portrayal of disability in the crime mystery genre. SOCIAL POLICY, Spring 1987, Vol. 17, no. 4, 34-39. Also in IMPACT, World Institute on Disability, Vol. 2, no. 2, Spring & Summer 1995.

Posing in PLAYBOY. A step forwards or backwards in portraying disability. Published?

Prejudice in a victimized minority. Unpublished MS, 1958.

POVERTY AND HEALTH: A SOCIOLOGICAL ANALYSIS, ed. by John Kosa and Irving Kenneth Zola. Rev. ed. Cambridge, MA/London: Harvard University Press, 1975. RA 418 K67 1975. Several files.

The problems and prospects of mutual aid groups. REHAB PSYCHOL, 1972, Vol. 19, no. 4, 180-183.

Problems of communication, diagnosis, and patient care: The interplay of patient, physician and clinic organization. Rept. from JOURNAL OF MEDICAL EDUCATION, Oct. 1963, Vol. 38, no. 10, 829-838.

The quantity and significance of psychological distress in medical patients; some pre-liminary observations about the decision to seek medical aid. Rept. from J CHRONIC DISEASES, 1964, Vol. 17, 959-970.

Reasons for non-compliance and failure to seek care.

Reflecting on directions in psychotropic drug research. In SOCIAL ASPECTS OF THE MEDICAL USE OF PSYCHOTROPIC DRUGS. Ontario: Addiction Research Foundation of Ontario, 1974, 167-172.

Self, identity and the naming question: Reflections on the language of disability. SOC SCI MED, 1993, 36 (2), 167-173.

Sexuality and disability. A personal reflection. Talk, excerpted from MISSING PIECES.

The sleeping giant in our midst; redefining "persons with disabilities". Prologue to IMPLEMENTING THE AMERICANS WITH DISABILITIES ACT. Baltimore: Brookes, 1993. KF 480 I47 1993.


The social construct of suffering. Chapter 2 in THE HIDDEN DIMENSION OF ILLNESS: HUMAN SUFFERING, ed. by Patricia L. Stark and John P. McGovern. NY: National League of Nursing Press, 1992, 11-23.

SOCIO-CULTURAL FACTORS IN THE SEEKING OF MEDICAL AID. A thesis presented by Irving Kenneth Zola to the Department of Social Relations in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Sociology. Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass., April 1962.


Sociological aspects of aging. Prepared for WORKING WITH OLDER PEOPLE: A MANUAL OF TRAINING, Vol. 2. St. Louis, MO: Gerontological Society, 1967.

Some effects of assumptions underlying socio-medical investigations. In the Proceedings of the Conference on Medical Sociology and Disease Control, 9-17. National Tuberculosis Association, 1966.

A story difficult to hear & tell. EXCEPTIONAL PARENT, 1979, 9 (3), D3-D8.

Structural constraints in the doctor-patient relationship: The case of non-compliance. Chapter 11 in THE RELEVANCE OF SOCIAL SCIENCE FOR MEDICINE, ed. by L. Eisenberg and A. Kleinman. D. Reidel Pub. Co., 1981, 241-252.

Studying the decision to see a doctor: Review, critique, corrective. ADVANCES IN PSYCHOSOMATIC MEDICINE, ed. by Z. Lipowski. Karger, Basel, 1972, Vol. 8, 216-236.

Taking your medication - a problem for doctor or patient? In MEDICATION COMPLIANCE. Slack, 1977. Later became Structural constraints . .

Technology and the transformation of identity. A draft/concept/research proposal.

Tell me, tell me [short story] In ORDINARY LIVES, 1982 [ob. cit.]

Thoughts on improving compliance in elderly arthritics. GERIATRICS, August 1986, Vol. 41, no. 8, 81-82, 85.

To be or not to be: Is the question that simple? Review of BECOMING DEVIANT by David Matza. PSYCHOTHERAPY AND SOCIAL SCIENCE REVIEW, 1972, Vol. 6, 26-28.

To our innermost parts: Reflections on Nancy Mairs’ REMEMBERING THE BONE HOUSE - AN EROTICS OF PLACE AND SPACE. Kaleidoscope, Winter/Spring 1991, #22, 48-51.

Toward the necessary universalizing of a disability policy. THE MILBANK QUARTERLY, Vol. 67, Supplement 2, Part 2, 1989, 401-427.

University Study for Physicians.

Unmotivated clients.

THE USE OF AIDES IN A MANAGEMENT PROGRAM FOR CHRONIC DISEASE. Project Report ACP-13 (Ambulatory Care Project), Dec. 7, 1970. Lincoln Laboratory, MIT and Beth Israel Hospital, Harvard Medical School. With "Special Agenda to the Use of Aides Paper on the topic of training and selection."

Views, problems, and potentialities of the clinic, by John D. Stoeckle and Irving K. Zola. Rept. from MEDICINE, Vol. 43, no. 3, May 1964, 413-422.

When getting into the field means getting into oneself. Essay excerpted from a forthcoming book, TO FIND THE MISSING PIECE (Working Title). Becomes MISSING PIECES, 1982.

Whither medicine - three views. Review. Rept. from SOC SCI & MED, 1970, Vol. 4, 687-690.

Whose suffering is it anyway? - thoughts on its social construction. Chapter 2 in Patricia L. Stark and John P. McGovern (Eds.) THE INVISIBLE DIMENSION OF ILLNESS: HUMAN SUFFERING. Houston, Texas: Publication Division of University Ventures, 1991.

Whose voice is this anyway? A commentary on recent collections about the experience of disability. MEDICAL HUMANITIES REVIEW, Jan. 1988, Vol. 2, no. 1, 6-15.

Why Marcia is my favorite name. SUMMERFEST 3, 1983, p. 6.

With Heironymous Bosch in India [short story] in ORDINARY LIVES, 1982 [ob. cit.]

Work perceptions and their implications for professional identity: An exploratory analysis of public health nurses, by Irving Kenneth Zola and Sydney H. Croog. SOC SCI & MED, 1968, Vol. 2, 15-28.





The following four folders contain reviews of Dr. Zola’s books. For a listing of the reviews see DR. ZOLA’S BIBLIOGRAPHY:





Education articles for Croft-Nei Publications/Croft Educational Services:

Interview with Dr. Zola on "What do you do when a student pulls a gun?"

Correspondence with Associate Editor Lewy Olfson

Evaluations on professional columns found in Professional Growth for Teachers -- Dr. Zola wrote some of these

Drafts of "Cheating in the Classroom," "When a Student Complains about His Grades"

Occasional Pieces:

Items written for birthdays, marriages, commencements, bat-mitzvah of his daughter, obituaries of Erving Goffman, Everett Cherrington Hughes

Forwards, Prefaces -- with correspondence

Published Interviews

Episodes and Stories. 3 folders.

See also Zola’s bibliography; many of these stories were published. Folders include a booklet of stories by Amada Beth Zola, Warren Keith Zola and Irving Zola. Original versions of many stories are found here.



Poems involving medicine, illness, etc. by Anne Sexton, John Milton, James Dickey, etc.

Literature. Alphabetical by author. 4 folders. See also our bibliography on MEDICINE, HANDICAPPED IN LITERATURE based on Dr. Zola’s folders

Plays, Picture Stories

Short Stories, Miscell.


Book by Scherer (?) of eight chapters, each separately paged, about the experiences of many people who "tell it like it is," what life is like today for individuals with severe physical disabilities



Includes the awarding of the N. Neal Pike Prize for Service to the Handicapped, 1989; Interview with him by Harvard student on the social nature of disability, 1989; other interviews; correspondence with the White House re serving in the Bush administration; articles in which he is quoted; announcements of appearances; conference materials


GENERAL FILES -- Alphabetical

A-B CORRESPONDENCE. The Correspondence Files contain letters from students, requests for information, publisher correspondence, personal letters and many dealing with the publication DSQ: DISABILITY STUDIES QUARTERLY. They are filed under the correspondent’s name.

AFFIRMATIVE ACTION, 1975-1980 & 1981-1985. Material from Brandeis University’s Committee for the Handicapped/Committee on Disabilities, much of it dealing with accessibility. The material includes "Chronology of the Oppression of Sign Language in France and the United States," by Harlan Lane, n.d.; minutes of meetings; questions of compliance under Section 504; letters from Gunnar Dybwad

AAAS. AMERICAN ASSOCIATION FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF SCIENCE. Resource Directory, Fellows nominations correspondence

AMERICAN INSTITUTES FOR RESEARCH IN THE BEHAVIORAL SCIENCES. Zola as co-principal investigator, Review Board member of Natural Family Planning Project. Proposal for Alternative Health Care Research Project. Includes "A Perspective on the Study of Alternative Medicine," by Dr. Zola; " "Lay/Self-Care Practices Among Middle-aged women," "Research on Alternative Health Practices".

AMERICAN SOCIETY ON AGING. Zola a panelist for 1989 symposium.

AMERICAN SOCIOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION (ASA). Minutes, reports, list of members. Zola Chair 1982-1983. Committee on Society and Persons with Disabilities -- Zola Co-Chair, 1980 -- deals with accessibility questions. 2 folders.


BOSTON SELF HELP CENTER. Minutes of Board, information on Center. Zola was the founder of the Center, Gunnar Dybwad a Board member. Folder includes Dr. Zola’s remarks at the opening on May 16, 1978, Dr. Dybwad’s 80th Birthday celebration with contributions to benefit the Center

B.U. EVENING DIVISION. Dr. Zola taught courses here in Criminology, Health and Society, Aging and Disability, Medical Sociology. More information is found under the COURSES Section.

C-E CORRESPONDENCE. Note detailed correspondence with Ann Cartwright about a study on self-medication.

CHRONIC DISEASE AND DISABILITY. Workshop on Living with Physical Handicap or Chronic Disease presented by the Greenhouse Organization.

DISABILITY COURSES. Syllabi from several colleges and universities

DISABILITY PORTRAYAL. Disability as portrayed in films, narratives, TV. Includes "Whose story is it anyway?" by Sue F. Estroff, 1992?; "Beyond respect to recognition and due regard", Ronald A. Carson, n.d.; The Waterdance in context," John Kelly, 1991; "Any distinguishing features?", Zola, 1981; Depictions of disability," Zola, 1985; "Disability in the media: The evolution of a deaf detective," Zola. With notes.

DISABILITY RIGHTS AND SELF HELP. Issues in the politics of disability rights -- Alan Gartner, 1985; preface to book on personal assistance funding -- Zola; articles on self help

DIARIES. Written by students for course Sociology of Health and Illness, taught by Dr. Zola 1991-1994

DSQ CORRESPONDENCE. This is also found in the other correspondence files


HET DORP. The Village at Arnhem, The Netherlands, which was the background for the book MISSING PIECES. These folders contains Dr. Zola’s field notes and information on HET DORP’s architecture. 2 folders

JAPAN VISIT. 1991 visit.


MEDIA -- MOVIES, TV. Miscellaneous information







MEDICAL KNOWLEDGE FOR MAN. WBZ-TV, March 1965. Dr. Fuisz, Peter Bent Brigham Hospital and Harvard University and ten programs on such topics as heart attacks and appendicitis. With detailed notes by Dr. Zola.

MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS. Dr. Zola was a member of the Special Needs Advisory Board. There is information in the file on accessibility

NATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATION. Subcommittee on Scientists and Engineers with Disabilities.


PEOPLE’S MEDICAL SOCIETY. Board of Directors meeting minutes -- Zola a member 1990

PHYSICIAN ASSISTANT PROGRAMS. Board of Approval and Certification (of Mass.). Zola a member 1985. Information on programs.

POST-POLIO. Conferences, information

PROGRAM IN HEALTH AND SOCIETY. Proposal for undergraduate program in Health and Society/Program in Liberal Arts for Physicians



T-Z CORRESPONDENCE. See W. Estlin Waters for correspondence about analgesic consumption and renal disease.

THE UNION. The Union for Experimenting Colleges and Universities. Information, guidelines for adjunct professors, Zola keynote speaker, 1984, Reflections on the Quality of Life of Physically Disabled Persons . .

UNITED STATES PREVENTIVE SERVICES TASK FORCE (DEPT. OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES) Zola member, Senior Advisor, 1988. Dealt with services in clinical settings, mostly correspondence

VITAL ACTIVE LIFE AFTER TRAUMA, INC. (V.A.L.T.) Zola a Board Member, 1990. Gives information on group, located in Brookline

WASHINGTON BUSINESS GROUP ON HEALTH. File includes "Disability awareness in University Curricula"-- description of project to create curriculum materials for three graduate professional schools

WOMEN AND DISABILITY. Talk with Dr. Zola. Transcript.

WORLD INSTITUTE ON DISABILITY (WID) Information on Institute. Zola on Board of Directors. Description of how WID/REHABILITATION INTERNATIONAL will advance cooperation and information on rehabilitation



Most of these files deal with courses that Dr. Zola taught, a few with courses that he took. The files often contain his lecture notes and articles dealing with the subject.

Intro-Soc. Basic Survey of Sociology (7AR). 1981-1982. Lists of students, information about students, articles. "Five well established research results which I think are probably true, teachable in introductory sociology, and worth teaching," --James A. Davis, 1982. Other syllabi. "Sociology of Mass Culture," -- Sonya Michel, Brandeis.

Soc 7AR. Students. Basic Survey of Sociology

Soc 7A. Support Materials. Zola notes

Soc 7AR. Basic Survey of Sociology. Course description, readings, writing assignments

Soc 126A. Fall 1972. Sociology of Deviance

S.C. 126A. The Course

Soc. 126b. Social Control. Institutions of Social Control

SO 589E (B.U.) Criminology. Lectures

Criminology. 2 lecture courses from McCord & Wheeler. Notes from lectures

Med & Soc Sci. Bibs. Bibliographies on out-patient care, organization of medical care, social functioning in health and illness, rural health, ambulatory care research

Med & Soc Sci Courses. From other teachers, schools. Syllabi, course descriptions given. "Medical sociology: A set of syllabi and related materials," -- ed. by Rosanne Martorella, American Sociological Asso., 1980.

Med - Soc. Soc 192b? Healing and Healer. " Problems for research - Some effects of assumptions underlying sociomedical investigations," -- Zola, 1966. Soc 190b. Social Organization of Medical Settings. Mostly notes.

Sociology 203. Field Methods. Field methods in social research. Articles, class handouts

Folder of articles for above --observational research, participant-observer notes, etc.

Deviance. Course by T. M. Mills, Storer. Social Pathology and Social Control

Criminology. Stanton, Wheeler (Harvard). Social Psychology of Crime

SO 592E - B.U. Juvenile Delinquency. Spring term. Includes the lyrics to "Gee Officer Krupke" 1961 from West Side Story. Lecture notes

Crim SO 361 - B. U. Lecture notes

Crim 590E - Corrections - B.U. Notes

Soc 192A (1992, 1994). Hand-outs only

Soc 192B (1994). Hand-outs only

Social Stratification. Course by R. Feldmesser. Notes

Sociology - Problems and concepts. SR 206, 216. Prof. Homans & Dr. Moore. Zola’s notes, articles

U.S. Social Structure. Course by Talcott Parsons. Social Structure of the U.S. Notes, articles

U.S. Social & Political Structure. Including movements. Mostly articles

U.S. Political Structure. A.B. Cohen thesis. Arthur B. Cohen -- "Struggle for Council Reform in Boston," 1955

Homosexuality & Society (FCC) 69d. Flexible Curriculum Course 69d

Miscell. Notes, etc. 2 files. "Shifting boundaries - doing social science in the 1990s - a personal odyssey," --Zola, 1994

Miscell. class information

Brandeis Information. Memos, report on graduate program of the Dept. of Sociology, 1991; 25th Anniversary Celebration of the Brandeis Sociology Graduate Program, 1987

Class Quiz re disabilities. Date and class unknown --quiz with student response given

Wheaton College. SOC 398. Health Care Policy Issues of the 1990s - Fall, 1993. Taught by Zola. Hand-outs only.



Disability Demographics. 5 folders. Contains such items as "Chronic illness, disability, and improving longevity," -- Dorothy P. Rice and Mitchell P. Laplante, 1986; "Definitions of disability in empirical research," -- Barbara M. Altman, 1986; "Materials for Census Bureau meeting on planning for a disability survey," 1986; "Epidemiological, demographic, and social correlates of disability among the elderly," -- Kenneth G. Manton, 1988; "Demography and disability: A chartbook for rehabilitation," -- Frank Bowe, n.d.

Disability Statistics. 4 folders. Includes Disability Statistics Program information, "The ADA and the demographics of disability," --Mitchell P. LaPlante, n.d.; "Income and poverty statistics -- problems of concept and measurement," 1988; Disabled adults in America, 1982.

Disability Surveys, Interviews. Specific surveys, interviews, Springfield Study of Populations with Chronic Disabilities, 1993, etc. Some of these are located in the Oversize Drawer (Legal Size)

Disability Tables.



Dr. Zola was an advisor for many students and served on the Dissertation Committee of several others. Dissertations are in the Journal Room in the DISSERTATION SECTION. The following files consist primarily of dissertation proposals, some student correspondence, papers for independent studies, outlines of projects, etc. They are listed by student name, with some idea of the subject/subjects covered.

Agigian, Amy. Sociology of the body GAC/ Lesbian and Gay Video Festival

Ard, C. Commercialization of clinical genetics

Blanchard, Tom. Politics of homelessness

Deluca, Rose. Hidden successes of class; working class graduate students in elite universities

Dennis, Deborah L. Homelessness and mental health policy

Drum, Charles E. State employment policies. (See also Dissertation)

Ellenhorn, Ross. The self and the good

Ellison, Marsha Langer. Consumer empowerment and demedicalization

Epstein, Harriet F. Seriously emotionally and behaviorally disturbed children: Grown up

Fine, Doris Landau. Mainstreaming in early childhood

Frame, Sharon M. Lesbian couples’ public ceremonies

Fried, Mindy. Workplace culture and parental leave

Glazier, Ray. Health insurance issues for persons with disabilities

Gottlreb (?) Alison. Values and norms of disabilities

Grant, Mary K. Mixing elderly and young disabled persons within same housing development

Greenberg, Linda G. Communication between patients and providers on the quality of health care

Hawthorne, Greta. Family moral values and teenage pregnancy (2 folders)

Hertz, Miriam. Disability rights and people who stutter

Laws, Bart. Major issues in medical sociology/hospital emergency visit recounted

Levine, Jerry D. Informed consent

McNeely, Eileen. Hospital psychosocial work environment and employee health and safety

Nannini, Angela. Sexual assault of women with disabilities

O’Day, Bonnie. Application for scholarship: Disability policy in the U.S.

Ong, Lay-Lee. Aging in the third world (Malaysia)

Pelletier, Linda M. Attitudes of medical, nursing and physical therapy students toward disabled persons

Putnam, Constance E. Doctor/patient relationships and death

Reinelt, Claire. Feminist politics and family policy/Women with disabilities raising children

Rollins, Rochelle L. AIDS activists and AIDS researchers and the designing of clinical trials

Rubin, H.S. Emergence of female-to-male transsexual identity

Sardella, Patricia J. Advance directives from patients’ perspective

Saxton, Marsha. Brandeis Counseling Program and disabled volunteers

Schlesinger, Lynn. Women and pain

Sciegaj, Mark. Race/ethnicity/gender and community long-term care services

Searl, Stanford J. home health care and older people

Seck, Magueye. Substance abuse and men who batter their mates

Sherry, Susan. Massachusetts health care politics

Shelton, Carol Reagan. Midwifery model of prenatal care (See also DISSERTATION)

Smith, Kim N. Research award application/People with disabilities and their personal assistants. 2 files, interviews

Sufrin, Christine D. Guzman. Latino gerontology

Walsh, Edith Geronimus. New measures of long-term care needs and outcomes (beyond ADL counts and institutionalization)



















Dr. Zola served as an expert witness and gave depositions in several court cases. The following chart records the cases with other information. The cases can be found at the end the Court Cases filed in the Special Collections/History Rooms in a drawer marked Dr. Zola.





Court Subject
Ability Center of Greater Toledo [et al.] v. University of Toledo   No. 3: 89CV7561

U.S. District Court Settlement Agreement & Complaint

Section 504 Compliant: Need elevators in all buildings for fraternities and sororities now under construction
Askin, Melinda v. Hughes Aircraft Co. / Santa Barbara Research Center


Worker’s Compensation Appeals Board of California / U.S. District Court of California Deposition of Melinda Askin, (developmentally disabled - case of sexual harassment / complaint for damages)
Brown, Steve v. Tandy Corp.


Superior Court - Los Angeles Person with cerebral palsy ejected from store
Burchett, Danny  

Rehabilitation evaluation, 5/21/91 by Paul M. Deutsch & Associates

Handicapping conditions secondary to an accident and onset of disability
Delbridge, Ron v. Salt River Project Agricultural Improvement & Power District [et al.]



CV 91-26412


Deposition of doctor - fall from telephone pole / material prepared for Dr. Zola’s evaluation / Dr. Zola’s deposition / Overview report of injuries and their effects / Deposition of rehabilitation consultant
Douglas, David v. BeefAmerica


Circuit Court - Florida

93-6211 (0)

Information sent to Irving Zola - Interrogatories of Mr. Douglas, medical records, rehabilitation plan
Fauci, Keith v. National Railroad Passenger Corporation



Case No. CL 93-2172 AB

Circuit Court, Florida

Deposition of Dr. Irving Zola-expert witness-intentional discrimination based on handicap against Amtrak - back- ground of Dr. Zola, p.11ff- Subpoenaed on behalf of defendant - problem of transportation p.26 ff
Galvin, Patricia v. Ameritech Publishing


Circuit Court - Michigan

No. 93 451981 CZ

Discrimination in workplace due to handicap /

Declaration of Dr. Zola

Gray, Austin v. Overly Manufacturing Co.


Civil Action No. N-89-593

U.S. District Court - Maryland

Zola consulted/ Deposition of Austin J. Gray - severe accident in freight yard and its ramifications
Meintz, Sharon L. v. Regents of the University of California

1989 -90

Case No. 595524

Superior Court of California

Plaintiff learning disabilities seeking accommodations at job -

Dr. Zola expert witness

Morency, Maxi & Mirne v.

Bermann [et al.]


Circuit Court, Florida

88-20200 CA-10

Deposition of doctor as to damage when beam fell - pages missing
Ocasio, Fernando [et al.] v. Housing Authority of San Francisco City & County


C 86 4568 EFL

U.S. District Court-California

Declarations of plaintiffs - denied public housing because of family’s special needs / handicaps of family members
Pitts, Harry v. Best Western / El Rancho Inn


  Information sent to Dr. Zola as preparation for being expert witness - restaurant inaccessible; Mr. Pitts fell when returning to room
Porterfield v. Emergency Physicians Services, [et al]


  Rehabilitation, vocational evaluation - charge of malpractice
Seban, Nora [et al.] v.

John Sweet Unified School District [et al.]


Civ. No. 90-0690-WHO

U.S. District Ct - California

Declarations of Dr. Zola-need for an accessible physical environment in high schools / complaint
Thomas, Arthur, [et al.] v.

U.S. Postal Service



C-81-0036 -WHO California

Job discrimination due to back strain
West Virginia [et al.] v. West Virginia State Board of Education


1994 West Virginia


Need for signer for extracurricular activities
Willis, Randy Lee v. Board of Chiropractic Examiners of State of California


No. 687103

Superior Court of California

Arbitration brief - failure to accommodate physical handicap in licensure examination - Dr. Zola asked to testify as expert witness
Williams, James W. v. Memphis-Shelby County Airport Authority     Direct examination of paraplegic - Complaint against transporters taking away wheelchair
Wilcox, David


  Psychological, etc. evaluation of young burn victim - Dr. Zola consulted - left with one arm